Our Process

Identify a Village

·  Our first task is to know where we can make an impact. Through collaboration with government, NGOs and personal contacts, villages that are in need of help are identified.

On-the-ground Engagement

·   Once a village is verified, a Luminater is assigned to consult the community by conducting Impact and Need Assessment to verify the feasibility of Luminary and its potential social & environmental impact for the community.

Stakeholders Outreach

·   Knowing how Luminary can empower the community, our next step is to gather the resources required to make it happen! This is where the Outreach Team connects to stakeholders such as corporate companies and general public to garner sufficient funds and manpower.


·    Other than confirmation on fund allocation, potential Lumineers are hereby shortlisted!

Product Preparation & Training

·   Knowing the condition of our beneficiaries, it is time to get the materials ready.
·   Before helping the community, it is essential for the team to not only understand the core values of Luminary, our Lumineers are required to be well-versed with the knowledge on both our devices as well as the culture of the community we will be interacting with. This will ensure smooth progression throughout the project with maximum impact!

Final Consultation

·  After all the preparations and trainings, the team is finalised and assigned to respective projects.

Project Implementation

·   Our devices are implemented by the selected team through the course of 2 – 3 days filled with hardwork and excitement! While we are immersed in our tasks, thorough Impact Assessment is conducted throughout the implementation.

·   The local community is involved in this process, where they will be trained to handle and maintain our user-friendly devices in the future.

Post Project Review

·   After the implementation and handover, post project impact assessment is conducted to ensure the social & environmental impact we are bringing in and ways we can improve for our future projects.