How do we overcome it?

Luminary has developed a device which provides clean drinkable water and light at the same time for marginalised communities. The number of underprivileged population in Malaysia, as well as Southeast Asia has been worrying. Thou there have been efforts by countless organisations in empowering the marginalised communities, many of the resources and solutions are not tailored and optimised specifically to cater to the needs of these groups. With this issue in mind, Light2O aims to utilise the resources it has access to through its principle designs.

Durable and Adaptable

The materials used for the device are mainly stainless steel and aluminium, which are proven to be durable up to 8 years, provided proper maintenance are given. The working mechanism of the device is also designed to be applicable in almost every region in Malaysia as the nation has plenty of access to sunlight.

High availability

The materials used for Light2O are highly available in the market, especially among developing countries. Production of the device encourages the growth of local manufacturing market as the whole line of process can be formed in local parameter. At the same time, the manufacturing cost of the device is relatively cheap, coupled with the cost benefits provided by local markets in terms of logistics and tax.


The overall weight of the device is designed to be less than 15 kg, making it highly portable to marginalised communities, where most of the groups live in rural areas that are hard to access to.

Easy to Assemble

To improve the device’s portability, the PTC is designed to be easy to disassemble and reassemble. With smaller parts, the device can be carried to most of the rural areas with little problems and limitations.

User Friendly

There is no highly skilled technical knowledge required to assemble and maintain the whole device. This allows the locals to take care of the device by themselves with minimal supervision required by the technical department.

Environmental Friendly

Light2O is a self-sustainable device which does not require an external input of sources such as electricity as it works on the basis of gravity and solar thermal energy. This also ensures the device to be completely clean and environmental friendly, where there will be no pollution caused towards its surroundings.