About Us

Luminary is a social enterprise that focuses on designing off-grid and autonomous system using clean energy to provide clean water and electricity to rural and disaster prone areas, while integrating thorough impact assessments services on both people and the environment throughout the projects. We are rerouting the way we supply clean water and electricity to marginalized communities in rural areas.

Luminary is the pioneer in developing a solar thermal powered device named ‘Light2O’, which provides both clean drinkable water and light at once for marginalised communities. This device is also applicable to crisis-struck areas where immediate sources are needed for the victims. We seek to implement Light2O in various areas of Peninsular Malaysia, East Malaysia, as well as in Indonesia. Luminary also aims to revolutionaries the method of approach in social causes by promoting sustainable alternative solutions in order to cater to the needs of marginalised communities specifically as well as the stakeholders that will be working with us. In addition, we aim to create job opportunities, provide practical trainings and social connection for marginalised segments of our community through Light2O.